Behind the scenes

Everyone who comes to see the Christmas Lights and the special events on the Switch-On day knows that Ambleside puts on a magical show .

But most people don't know what happens in the background and that almost all the work is done by unpaid volunteers. (We pay our qualified electrician and our Event Coordinator.)

The work starts in March or April when plans are porepared for the coming year.

Cruises are booked and legal processes such as the road closure order are applied for. Fireworks are booked and the websites are updated as needed.

** Over 2800 bulbs need to be checked and replaced if need be! It's not a glamourous job but doing properly means that a street looks great.

August 2019

All the lights are stored in old plastic water tank boxes at a local hotel.

Each year we check all lights and prepare the lights for putting back up in Oct/Nov.

Sept 2019

The lights are lifted out of one box and into another, with each bulb checked and cleaned.

Sept 2019

The bulbs are taken out to look for any signs of water ingress. The green silicon collars do a good job of keeping our local rain out!

Sept 2019

Once a box is checked, it is labelled to identify it on installation day.

October 6th 2019

The lights gang are installing the lights outside Zeff's cinema. We do this work early on Sunday mornings when traffic is light.

It takes 3 or 4 Sunday mornings to install all the lights and banners.


On Oct 13th 2019 we were asked to pose for a photo by a lady from the Alpkit shop.

L-R (Phil, Drew, Jill, Richard, Graham and David)

We are indebted to all our volunteers for ALL that they do to make the lights a success. We also want to mention Stiles Coffee Bar and Mr.H's Tearoom who provided free coffees and bacon rolls to revive us as we worked! Thank you so much!

This section will be updated as more pictures arrive and time permits!