Street Entertainment and Charity Market

From noon at the Market Cross and Market Place in the town centre shoppers will be entertained by street performers, including live music.

  • Live music plays a role of creating a festive feel in Ambleside's central shopping areas.
  • In Market Place you will likely hear one of our visiting bands playing before they make their way to the assembly point for the Lantern Procession.
  • In the Market Cross area you will be able to hear live music from a local band as you browse the charity and community stalls.
  • In Compston Road there will be more music to entertain you during the afternoon.
  • and of course, the Lantern Procession will give you chance to hear brass bands such as Charnock Richard Band and the amazing Kookaburra Drummers from nearby Staveley.
Charity stalls will tempt you with an array of original Christmas gifts. Mulled wine and mince pies will get you into the festive mood!
All music on the day is licenced by the Performing Rights Society