You can support us and save money by buying our own merchandise and avoiding the un-licensed street traders who charge considerably more!

On the day we will have for sale:

  • Bang Bang Sticks which you can inflate and then clap them together as the procession approaches! Each tube has our own logo I Love Ambleside Lights. Just £1.50 for a pair of tubes/sticks.
  • Glow Lights. - just bend the tubes to activate them! A firm favourite with children. Price £2.00
  • Glow Necklaces - The must have fashion accessory for children or adults young at heart! Price £2.00.
  • Lantern Poles can be hired for a £1 returnable deposit. They will be distributed from a van near the entrance gate to the Family Fun Zone.
  • Lantern kits. You may be lucky enough to snap up one of the few remaining lantern kits which are on sale at Ambleside Toy Shop in Compston Road. They are £4.00
  • Ready made Lanterns. You might find some ready made lanterns available to buy at the Post Office on the corner of North Road. Individually priced.
  • The various items are on sale at the Information Point (outside the Post Office), at the Steamer Pier as you leave the Father Chistmas Cruise, at the Family Fun Zone in Vicarage Road or any member of our OFFICIAL team. Look out for our yellow High Vis Jackets with Ambleside Christmas Lights in black on the back!
  • Remember - EVERY PENNY you spend on our merchandise goes straight into making the lights even better next year... we are all unpaid volunteers!